The committee has had a discussion regarding holding a show in February. 

We have decided that we will not host a show in 2022. 

There were many factors that we took into account:

  • The 2nd hall is reduced in size by 50%, because of new fixed Exercise Machines.  We can still fit, but will need to rearrange things.
  • Will there be a winter COVID surge?
  • Will there be new restrictions, making traders spread out and limited attendance?
  • Will gamers feel comfortable to get so close at the Bring and Buy?
  • Will the club members and others actually turn up, or will we have a reduced take at the door?
  • Will the competitions function, or will there be reduced uptake?
  • Are all the traders still around, or have some closed down?
  • The Trophy Engravers have closed, but may be running from home.

Hopefully we can go ahead for 2023