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TOPIC: Britcon

Britcon 11 Aug 2015 22:49 #1

:) :) :)

Just came back from Britcon 2015 in Manchester 5 (or 6 optionally) games of FOG over 3 days - exhausting but great ..... Plymouth all played in FOG, but DBM, Bolt Action, Art de La guerre, SAGA (and other competitions) were played, about 200 players overall.

Four of us from Plymouth went - Myself, Steve, Del & Hobbit.

I came 15th out of 27 for the ancients which is better than last time, and I had some epic games I won 3, lost 1 narrowly in the closest game I have ever had (and best in a long time), both armies 1 point from breaking in the final turn, and I got hammered in my 5th .... all the players were open and friendly and very pleasant to play.

Hobbit won the 15mm Medieval (prize 1)
Hobbit won the Overall Ancient and Medieval trophy for the weekend (prize 2)
Hobbit is also now the British Historical Games Society Champion for 2015, (best aggregate score from 4 tournaments) (prize 3).
Awesome and congratulations.

It was funny to hear at the end of the show players discussing Hobbits tactics and army - respect.

Steve won the sportsman ship trophy for the medieval competition. Steve did all the driving so thanks to him, and he plugged the Plymouth show consistently.

This was Del's 3rd competition away from Plymouth (I think) and he came in the top ten in the medieval competition alongside Steve which is a good result. He was also in charge of morale, jokes, drinks and navigation .......

The next show is Reading in November, and if anyone else wants to enter, let me know. Perhaps 2 car loads, or a minibus........


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Britcon 12 Aug 2015 11:56 #2

  • Gary
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Nice report Dave.....good to hear some news on the external game front.

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Britcon 12 Aug 2015 13:03 #3

Great effort, and nice report Dave. You 4 are really putting plymouth on the war gaming map.
I hope to be at Reading on the Saturday. So you used Chinese, what about the other 3?
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Britcon 17 Aug 2015 13:20 #4

I used Han Chinese, the Armoured version, which after extensive testing I think is the best option. The army is mainly mixed Halberd and Crossbow foot, a little lightweight but drilled and manoeuverable

Paul used Late Medieval Portugese, Knights as an obvious threat and 2 wings of massed bowman, by the time you have faced the Knights with your best troops, whats left often loses to the bows.

Steve used Mayan, mainly a medium infantry army comprising a mix bowmen and impact warrior battle groups. Tough gig to take them into a competition packed with knights or pikemen.

Del used his 1 and only army - Italian Medieval. More emphasis on Knights but with lots of light missle troops.

The other ancient gamers used a fair selection of armies, if a little exotic (Thracian, North African Dynasty, Dailami, Samnite). 2 romans and 1 pontic were the only classical present.

Medievals included 3 Swiss and 1 Low Countries based around pike, aided by the smaller 5ft by 3.5ft tables, the rest knight armies plus supports.
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Britcon 26 Aug 2015 16:52 #5

  • Clive
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Well done to all concerned.
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