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06 Jan 2015 12:01 - 06 Jan 2015 12:03 #1 by Ralph
Russian Civil War was created by Ralph
With regard to February's participation game, I thought I would draw peoples' attention to the rules that are free to download from The Perfect Captain. This site is worth a look anyway, as they have a wide variety of very creative homespun wargames rules for a many different periods.

This is a link to the Red Actions page of the site:

The last time I played a game, there were a lot of units on the table and we didn't get to play many turns, so this time I intend to enlarge the units so that there are the same number of figures to play with, just grouped together so that there are fewer units. That should make the game go faster. Otherwise the rules will be the same as on the site.

Also a photograph of some of the figures to whet your appetite.


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