The first round of the 2014 FOG competition is complete.

Here are the results and the second round draw in one combined table


FOG Ancients 2014 - Round One Results and Round Two Draw
Player Army Score   Player Army Score
Paul Bartlett Early Neo Assyrian 25 vs Steve Pearce Feudal Catalan 24
Paul Westmore Aztec 23 vs Micky Woods Later Crusader 22
Dave Putt Western Han 21 vs Andy Clark Palmyran 14
Mark Crisp Anglo Danish 13 vs Neil Millar Spartan 10
Derek Bartlett Medieval Italian 10 vs Gordon Innes Medieval Swedish 10
Les Shuttlewood Sumerian 10 vs Chris Lewis Late Achaemenid Persian 7
Steve Brown Early Crusader 6 vs Kevin Shillito Greco Bactrians 4
John Orange Khazar West Turks 3 vs John Roberts Swiss 2
John Soper Later Carthaginian 1 vs Alan Cox Vikings 0
Round Two games must be completed by August 3rd, 2014