file Looking to get back into the hobby.

03 Apr 2016 21:21 #1 by AndyO

I used to play a few GW games along time ago, I had to stop the hobby due to time restriction. A few years ago I had ago at restarting but the prices of GW stuff seemed to have gone up loads so I looked into different games and ended up getting a Pan Oceania starter kit for infinity, which I managed to get a few games in with but then I went traveling for a year so had to put the hobby on hold once again. Now I have returned to the UK, settled back somewhat (I moved down to the area from up north), I am looking to once again start up the hobby.

PAW is one of the only places I can find within the area that seems to have a wide variety of games, I am mostly looking to start up with smaller skirmish games and was wondering if anyone there played and would be able to give demo's to a relative newbie? Mostly I am looking at Malifaux, Infinity and returning to things like Necromunda and anything else that I may not have seen or heard of.

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