Drum roll please!

Ladies, Gentlemen and any others I have missed, it is with the greatest of pleasure, that I can finally announce, the wargaming drought is over!

The Club will be reopening on Sunday 4th July at 12 Noon, until 5pm! However, because the Scout HQ will not be available until at least September, it is in the new location of:

Mainstone Sports and Social Club,
Pattinson Drive,

If you know any club members who are not on Facebook or otherwise online, please let them know, as Del is trying to locate the members list, as its hidden itself!

The Details!

You need to wear a mask to enter and walk around in the place, but can take it off while sat playing your game!  If you want to wear it all the time, feel free!  If you're worried about touching anything, you can bring your own sanitizer.  Squirting it at your opponent could be a useful move, if they keep scoring better dice than yourself!

The BAR will be open, in case you feel you need a drink and of course, getting me a pint will guarantee you special access to the prime table locations!  These will be the same as everyone else's, but I'll be happy, because I get a free pint!

So, you no longer need to speak to your partner and children! The ordeal is over!  Come and associate with fellow gamers slightly older than you remember them.  Talk the usual tosh and be amazed that we are all still here and still just as attractive as we were before!