Here is a list of the Participation Games for the Convention. Be aware that these are subject to change, as its up to the players to decide what they are putting on and this may alter due to circumstances beyond our control.  This is correct at January 20th, 2020

  • Wings of Glory / Mike Williths
  • Outlands / Jon Moyse
  • Pirates / Chris Ray
  • Terror Below / Simon Benson
  • WW2 15mm / Philip Gough & Steve Smith
  • Battle Cars / Andy Betsy Hart

Several Traders are also putting on Demo, or Participation Games, including Scotia-Grendel and Heroes of the Dark Ages.

There are also nearly 20 Demo Games, many of which may welcome people to join in, if you ask nicely. Among these are some really fun looking games and several awe inspiring, as usual! These are subject to change.

  • Deadzone or Vanguard / Tom Farley
  • Predator / Mathew Tresider
  • 10mm Arab-Israeli / Brett Andrews
  • WH40K / Richard Babbage
  • Witches / Chris Kay
  • Tiger Eye Creations / Thomas Ross
  • 15mm WW2 / Simon Holland
  • French Indian Wars / Laurie Walsh
  • 28mm Napoleonic / Bill Jennings
  • Judgement / Dominic Woods
  • Ghost Archipelago Ian Rowe
  • Test of Honour / Chris Pearse & John Roberts
  • 28mm American War of Independence / Martin Binns
  • Star Wars Legend / Carl Roames & Simon James Lee
  • Special Operations Europe / Stephen David Luscombe
  • Aliens v Predators / David Trace
  • Unspecified, by Cornwall Wargames Association / Mark Pearce
  • Bolt Action / Mark Gilby