Here is a list of the people that that have confirmed they are bringing Paricipation and Demonstration Games to PAW 2024, as at January 22nd, 2024

Some of these have not yet confirmed exactly what game they are bringing, but we will update the list as we find out more. 

  • Cornwall Wargames (Lee Stubbs)
  • Will Harley - Siege of Louisberg
  • Cilla McCarthy - Demonstration Clash of Kings
  • Timotej Velkavrh Blazevic - 0200 Hours
  • Matthew Tressider - Dad's Army (using 0200 Hours rules)
  • Chris Kay - Badgers and Burrows Skirmish Participation
  • Orlando Murrish - Adeptus Titanicus
  • Laurie Walsh - Zulu game
  • Ryan Jackson -  Trash Bash: home brew game with scratch built terrain to show what it was made from and how it was made
  • Mitch Salt - Kaiju vs Giant Robots
  • Zippy Zedzoom - Gunfighters' Ball participation game
  • Steve Pearse
  • Steve Luscombe - English Civil War Battle of St Budeaux Church
  • Exmouth Wargames (Mick Allen) - Escape the Zombie Horde