Long-time PAW member, Orlando Murrish, has provided an introduction to the Adeptus Titanicus game he demonstrated at PAW 2024

Adeptus Titanicus: Titan Death

The Beta-Garmon Campaign; The Battle of Nyrcon City

“Here, beneath seven dead stars, machines and men meet their end.

Here; within the Emperor’s sight, a grave for gods was made.”

The Emperor's great crusade has ended in success; the imperium of man spans the galaxy.

But the Emperor's favourite son, Horus the Warmaster has been corrupted by the forces of chaos and staged a surprise rebellion to overthrow his father.

The galaxy burns.

The key staging post on the Warmaster's route to invade holy terra is the Beta-Garmon system.

A surprise attack is launched by traitor titan legions lead by the dreaded Legio Mortis; the Death Heads.

The loyalist Legio Astorum (the Warp Runners) just survived the initial assault and both sides poured in reserves to take the system. 

It is the largest Titan Battle the Galaxy has ever seen.

On Beta-Garmon II waves of Traitor Titans are attacking to take Nyrcon city; the key to the planet. The defenders send in everything they have.

This battle gained a unique name; Titan Death