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10 Jul 2015 11:53 #1 by anibal2015
ONUS! Rome vs Carthage was created by anibal2015
We introduce you this game that is very well known in Spain, has good reviews and that we will produce in English after summer, along with two expansions

ONUS! is a wargame similar to miniature games, where both sides fight an old age battle. The game is based on the II Punic War mainly, although battles from III to I B.C centuries could be simulated. The game concept combines both orders and events cards, that makes each game different and each combat unpredictable and exciting.

YOUTUBE (texts in Spanish)

The game has:
A rule book with some battles (40 pages)
A quick guide (4 pages)
1-player rules (4 pages)
90 unit cards
6 help cards
72 action and event cards
4 wooden dice
Cloth bag
Over 130 counters
Box size: 23x15x5.5cm
Number of players: 1-4
Play time: >30m
Minimum age: 12
Box weight. 0,6Kg

ONUS! has a strategic component similar to that of a miniature game such as Warhammer Fantasy, Fields of Glory or the like, because it allows us to extend formations, change them (wall of shields, phalanx, arrow, square formation), or flank enemies using a special counter. In addition we have to decide how to play the order/event cards. They will allow us to give orders to our army and to change the combats and shootings with special features such as ambush, lancers against mounted units, wounding the officials or the general, reinforcing a unit, making a unit veteran, etc.
ORDERS allow us to activate units in order to be able to charge, move, heal, change formations, shoot, etc...
EVENTS allow us to change a combat adding bonuses or penalties to the dice rolls. For example we can play the event "Wind changes” when the enemy shoots us and she will have some penalties. Or if we charge against a most powerful unit than ours we could use the event "Harangue" that means that our official cheers up our soldiers giving us some attack bonuses.

HELP CARD with bonuses/penalties and turn phases:

We will launch a Kickstarter campaign in a few months in order to get enough financial support to produce it in English. And to produce the Persian and Greek expansion and the Scenarios one (with fortresses, woods, assault towers, rams, fire shooting, assault rules, etc..(similar to the Total War videogame! )

Here you can download the quick guide to know more about ONUS!:

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