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PAW has staged a convention in Plymouth every year since 1983. Here are a few pictures of the 2010 event, which took place over the weekend of February 6th/7th. Special thanks to all the people who supplied the pictures.

This page has pictures of some of the Trophy winning games. Other participation and display games are on the Games page, and pictures of the Competition games are on the Tournaments page. Results of the Competitions can be found through the Results Page

Once again, a large number of people worked hard to bring display games of various sorts to the show. We'd like to thank them all for their efforts, and we look forward to seeing next year's games

These are the games that caught the attention of our judges, and the winners of the tournaments.

Torquay Gaming Group (aka Eagles High) won Best Demonstration Game for their American War of Independence game

The Best Participation Game went to Cross Swords for their incredible Space Hulk game, complete  with 3D playing area