Thanks once again to Kevin Shillito for organising an interesting and enjoyable competition.


PAW 2010 Warhammer Fantasy Battle Competition Results

Pos'n Name Club Army Score
1st Chris Myhill WOFF High Elves 7,000
2nd John Oliver Warhamsters WOC 6,242
3rd Steve Green Warhamsters Bretonnian 5,905
4th Ryan Bell WOFF Dark Elves 5,270
5th Guy Ringam Cross Swords Daemons 5,195
6th Colin Farrant Independent Dark Elves 5,101
7th Richard Ayson Cross Swords Skaven 4,883
8th Derrick Eagan-Smith Cross Swords Vampire Counts 4,877
9th Pete Myhill WOFF Vampire Counts 4,811
10th Andy Avery Cross Swords Dwarves 4,743
11th Darren Watson WOFF Wood Elves 4,526
12th Ron Leacy Independent Orcs & Goblins 4,329
13th Martin Cooper PAW Lizardmen 4,271
14th Ric Myhill WOFF WOC 4,238
15th Dave Petit WOFF Skaven 4,211
16th Chris Lewis PAW Orcs & Goblins 3,652
17th Max Ayson Cross Swords Dark Elves 3,611
18th Dave Mason PAW Daemons 3,610
19th Michael Tetley Cross Swords Ogres 3,593
20th Team PAW PAW WOC 3,217
21st Jay Myhill WOFF Ogres 2,999
22nd Dave Stapleford WOFF Orcs & Goblins 2,815
23rd Kurt Baker Dice & Dagger Dwarves 2,637
24th Ben Cushion Cross Swords Lizardmen 2,275
25th Andy White Cross Swords WOC 2,223
26th Dave Fawdon Dice & Dagger Vampire Counts 1,964
27th Dave Freeman PAW Vampire Counts 1,078
28th Edward Breddy Cross Swords Empire 798