These are games that the people running them WANT you to join in with! And they look a lot of fun.

Alien Squad Leader (Saturday only :( )
Race to the Winchester – Zombie game with amazing scenery!
Dracula’s America - Wild West with a twist!
DMB ganes dungeon crawl
Devon Dice – varios card games
Adeptus Titanicus - giant robots in the 40K universe!
Vietnam – Brixham Berserkers BIG Vietnam game
King Kong –Penzance Pikemen’s popular jungle game
Route 666 - and other games from Red Scar publishing
Aristeia – a new game being demoed by Drew Early
Piston Privateers – check out Tom’s fab new scenery for this game!
Dr. Who Extermination – All the way from the US of A!
The Kingdom Is Ours - an excellent English Civil War game
Aliens and Predators Vs US Marines - more mayhem and madness from Dave Trace
Wings of War - WW1 aerial wargame from the lads at Exmouth

…and probably more!

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