Player Briefing

Welcome; I hope you have a fantastic weekend of gaming!

Please read the notes below; if you have any questions please contact me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Round One will always try to be Red on Blue and mix players from different clubs, however subsequent rounds shall be determined using the Swiss system. Steps will be taken to preserve the Red on Blue format, but this will not always be possible.

Should the game come close to the finishing time, players should also try to allow each player a final turn before concluding, unless the outcome is a foregone conclusion. All players should treat one another with respect and understanding.


   Saturday    Sunday
Registration 09:00-09:30 Updates 09:00-9:30
Game One 09:30-12:30 Game Three 09:30-12:30
Lunch (on site café) 12:30-14:00   12:30-13:30
Game Two 14:00-17:00 Game Four 13:30-15:30
Evening pub! Results 15:45-16:00


Any late legal late war list with a 1,750 point limit.

Mission Selection

Each round will have a mission randomly selected by a player at random from the list below.   If a previously played mission is generated a second time, the player should roll again, until a new mission is selected. Each player has an individual record sheet so missions previously rolled can be recorded.


  1. Breakthrough
  2. Free for All
  3. Dust Up
  4. Encounter
  5. Counterattack
  6. Hasty Attack


All games will be scored using the victory points rule as laid out on page 93 of the Late-War 1939-41 and 1944-45 Rulebook

If a game runs over the allotted time, the game will be called an immediate draw if there is no clear winner as per the Determining the Winner rule for each mission.

If two players are tied for top-spot after four rounds, their points conceded will be used to determine a winner. If they are still tied, it will go to their opponent's points won.

Scoring will be kept by the T.O., but will be made visible to all players by the means of a master scorecard on the T.O.'s table.  

Component Checklist

  • Your Flames of War Army
  • Your army book; including any Lessons from the Front if applicable from the articles published by Battlefront. The most up to date version of each army book will be used.
  • A copy of the 4th Edition of the Flames of War 1939-41 and 1944-45 Rulebook and a copy of the Special Rules and Warriors book I will have copies of these rulebooks for use in settling any rules disputes but to keep things moving it’ll be helpful if players bring their own copy for reference rather than relying on mine.
  • Two clearly written or typed copies your army lists (One copy for you and one for the T.O.) It is advisable to utilize to prepare your army list if playing Late War.
  • Measuring tape, dice, templates, calculator, pencils and any markers that you’ll need to play.
  • A tray to carry your army between tables.  

PAW politely requests only painted models are used; if in doubt ask Orlando.

Army Selection

When selecting your army please choose from the following books: Overlord; Atlantik Wall; Road to Rome; Fortress Italy; Market Garden; Bridge by Bridge; Battle of the Bulge; Ardennes Offensive; Red Bear; Grey Wolf; Bridge at Remagen; Nachtjäger; Desperate Measures; Berlin; Gung-Ho (L); Banzai (L)  No more than 1750 points may be spent on the army.

Note: The umpire’s decision is final although I hope most rule enquiries will be handled by the players. You have an unbiased umpire; not an infallible one!

If there are an odd number of players the umpire will run a force; although this is to ensure all players get in four games over the weekend. If used the umpire force is not formally entered and cannot win the competition.

Competition Entry Tickets

Tickets cost £25.00, and include entry to the rest of the show.  They are available on line at

Contact Details

If you have questions about the competition, army lists or rules, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have questions about the show, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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