Bring and Buy

At every show for the last forty years we have had a very successful Bring and Buy stall.  And this year will be no exception.  For a small charge (10% of sale value) you can re-home all those old, unused, unwanted figures and models. Remember, one mans junk is another mans treasure!  Just think how much money is sat in your hobby room. Just think how much more stuff you can buy!

We have provided a downloadable B&B form (follow the link) so you can save time by preparing all your items before you leave home. This will save lots of time booking in.  Believe me, it will be busy! We will be accepting booking-in from 8.30 on Saturday morning if you are in a tournament or putting on a game, 9.30 for other visitors.

The stall opens for selling at 10.30. This is to give the hard working guys on the stall chance to book everything in properly.

Some advice on selling:

  1. Price your items appropriately - almost everything sells at the right price!
  2. Display your items clearly - don't stuff them in a cardboard box and hope for the best - if it can be seen, it may well be bought!
  3. Dust your old figures!  They'll look a look more attractive to a potential buyer.
  4. Remember, the guys working the stall are volunteers, not salespeople.  It's up to you to prepare your stuff to sell, we can only display it.
Bring and Buy Form Written by John Orange
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