Arte De La Guerre 25mm 2017 Results
1  Steve Price  Late Roman 321
2  Steve Hacker  Alexander the Great 309
3  Mark Fry  Nikephorian Byzantine 229
4  Andrew Whitby  Late Roman 212
5  Gordon Malcombe  Kushan 209
6  Mark Mainwairing  Viking and Leidang 199
7  Keith McGlynn  Romano British 180
8  Mike Shepherd  Indian 164
9  Colin Cavenagh  Nikephorian Byzantine 157
10  Colin Evans  Achaemenid Persian 143
11  Phil Mackie  Gaznavid 105

Andy Unwin umpired and answered any (and as usual there were very few) rule queries. He also provided games as the twelfth player with help from Paul Bartlett

The Duncan Aynsley Memorial Trophy was retained by Steve Price for another year.

Andy Unwin would like to thank Andy Whitby for his help with sorting the scoring and draw system and congratulate everyone on an enjoyable and good natured event.   I hope to see you all (and more) again next year.