PAW 2017 had anaother interesting range of tournaments, although some periods and genres seem to be struggling for support at the moment.  Here are teh PAW 2017 trophy winners.

Bolt Action

Rob Cowan was the Bolt Action umpire this year.  Winner was Andy (Rab) Banks, using Japanese, and Rob Palmer was second with French


Flames of War

Orland Murrish was the umpire this year.  Winner was Tony Evans using German, and Grey was second, also using Germans. 


Field of Glory

Steve Brown and Derek Bartlett collaborated on the umpiring for this year's event.  Paul Bartlett was the winner of the 25mm competition, using Early Successor, and Richard Jeffrey-Cook was second, also using Early Successor. 


Les Shuttlewood was first in the 15mm competition, using his Neo-Assyrian Empire army, and Dave Putt was second, with yet another Early Successor.  The Best Army trophy was shared between the 15mm and 25mm competitions this year, and was awarded to Les Shuttlewood, for his 15mm Neo-Assyrians.


Arte de la Guerre

This was a new 25mm competition at PAW 2017, since despite the rules being around for a while, it is only the advent of the third edition which has made an English translation of this French publication readily available.  Andy Unwin was the umpire, with valuable support from Paul Bartlett and Andy Whitby

Steve Price was the winner using Late Romans, and Steve Hacker was second, using Alexandrian Macedonian.  Steve Price was also presented with the Duncan Aynsley Memorial Trophy from his local club.


Warhammer 40K

This has been a regular competition at PAW for several years, and had a good turnout of players, and some excellent armies in play.  Pictures are here, and results details are coming soon!

The PAW 2017 event included a small competition for younger players.  The winner was Alex Luscombe, and Ross Duffy was second.