Download the Bring and Buy form

Please use this form to list your sale items in advance; this will make sure that you don't waste too much valuable game time booking in your goodies. Print as many copies as you think you will need (there are ten lines per form), and then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  There are no charges for requesting form numbers, but each sheet booked in at the show will incur a 50 pence charge

Hopefully, the form is clear enough: the description column should include enough information to identify the figures easily, in case some moron moves the labels around. Things like "6 British Nap. Hussars" or "4 Greek Cv" should be adequate.

Top Price and Bottom Price should be reasonably obvious, being what you'd like to get, and the lowest you'll accept. This will mean that our Stewards won't have to search the building for you if someone makes an offer for your figures: we'll know if it's acceptable without wasting time.

Most of the other columns are self-explanatory, and the bit at the bottom is for sorting out how much everybody is owed when you collect your stuff.

No items should be for sale for less than £1: if you have large numbers of small items to sell, bag them up into £1 lots, since this makes things much easier on everyone concerned. 

If you have a complete army to sell, put the description and prices on line 0, and use the rest of the space to list what's in it.

Once you have listed your sale items, and put your numbers on the forms, you can label the items, ready for sale.  You can download a copy of our Bring and Buy Labels, or use your own.  Our labels are laid out for Avery L7159 A4 laser labels, but work almost as well on plain paper, but they will then need cutting out.

If you use your own labels, the minimum information included must be the form number and line number (100.2, 100/2, 100-2, or similar format), your Top Price, and enough description so we can't be confused if someone moves the labels. 

If you have any questions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.