There were an astonishing array of Demonstration and Participation games at the 2019 PAW show.  The effort and skill invested in these games was clearly immense.  We'd like to thank everyone for their efforts, which helped to make the 2019 show a success.  We look forward to seeing what they bring to amaze us with in 2020.

These are the games that caught our Judges' attention, and the winners of the tournaments.

Display Games

Combined Oppos, with their Pirates game, won the Best Demonstration trophy. 

Jon Moyse won Best Participation, with his Outlands games.


Tournament Games

 PAW 2019 had a good range of tournaments, although some periods and genres seem to be struggling for support at the moment.  Here are the PAW 2019 trophy winners.

Bolt Action

Rob Cowan was the Bolt Action umpire this year.  Second place went to Dan Cable, using Germans, and the winner was Richard Ciereszko, using Fallschirmjagers.


Field of Glory 15mm

Steve Brown was the umpire for this year's event.  Second place went to Dave Morrison, using Khmer, and the winner was Steve Brown, using Selucid

Art de la Guerre 25mm

Another good year for the AdlG competition at the PAW show, with some lovely armies on display.  Andy Whitby was the umpire, and thanks to Steve Price for presenting the prizes. 

This year's winners were the Andy Triumvirate!  Andy Whitby was third, using Condotta, Andy Unwin was second, using a Free Companies army, and the winner was Andy Claxton, also using Free Companies. 

Warhammer 40K

This has been a regular competition at PAW for several years, and had a good turnout of players, and some excellent armies in play. 

Third place went to James Mclean, 2nd to Jon Warmington, and the winner was Thomas Hicklin.  Best Painted prize went to Steven Connell and the Cursed Dice award went to Tom May.

Kings of War

This was only the second year for this competition at the show, although the game system itself has been popular in the club for some time.  Kevin Shillito was the umpire.

The winner was Harris Dewsnap, using League of Rhordia.