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PAW 2020 had only four competitons this year: one science fiction, one fantasy and two Ancients.

Art de la Guerre

The Art de la Guerre competition represented the 25mm part of the Ancients period, with some magnificent armies on the table. 

There was an excellent turn out, with 18 players.

Thanks to John Orange for these pictures.


Field of Glory

The 15mm Ancients game was represented by Field of Glory.  Twelve players made it to Plymouth, and they all seemed to have a great time. Even more fine looking armies were on display.

Thanks to John Orange for these pictures.


Kings of War

Another smaller competition, Kings of War covered the Fantasy portion of the hobby. Many armies featured Fantastic Beasts of one sort or another as their focal points. 

Thanks to John Orange for these pictures


Warhammer 40K

By far the largest competition at over 40 players, WH40K provided players with a science fiction option. 

The armies in use frequently included towering War Machines, that dominated the tabletop.  There were some stunning examples of painting amongst these armies. 

Thanks to John Orange for these pictures.