Tournament Games

There were four tournaments at PAW 2024, with over 80 players. Special thanks to the various Umpires, without whom these competitons would not be possible.

Warhammer 40K

A staple at PAW shows since the first competitions we ran in 2000, there were 40 players this year, with a marvellous selection of armies on display. Here are the placings and other awards:

  • 1st place - George McCoulough
  • 2nd Place - Gareth Purchon
  • 3rd Place - Jack West
  • Wooden Spoon - Mike Pugh
  • Most Sporting - Matt Vince
  • Best Painted - Nick Williams


Kings of War

Fantasy games of one sort or another have also been a popular part of the PAW tournament line-up since 2000, although the exact rule set has changed over the years.

  • 1st Place - Chris Lynch
  • 2nd Place - Heath Barnes
  • 3rd Place - Andy Marshall
  • Best Army - Joseph Domingos
  • Most Sporting - Richard Babbage
  • Most double 1's outside the top 3 - Derek Bartlett
  • The Almost Alan Goodenough Award (the most wasted award in the table top gaming) - Jason Apps


Art de la Guerre 28mm Ancients

Currently the rising star in Ancient period rulesets, this competition had another good turnout in 2024.

The winner was Steve Price, using Syracusan, second was Richard Walker, with Pyrrhic, and third was Stephen Tanner with Warring States Chinese.


Field of Glory 15mm Ancients

The 2024 winner was Phil Jelley, using Ming Chinese.  Second was Paul Bartlett, with Seleucid.  Third was Dave Morrison, with Hunnic.