Thanks to all the players who came along, and helped make the show a success, not least by showing off a lot of well-painted armies.

Special thanks to Tim Porter, who did an excellent job of organising the competition.

We are hoping that Tim will agree to run the competition again at PAW 2025, so we look forward to seeing you all next year.


PAW 2024 25mm ADLG Results
Posn Player Name Club Army Units Points
1st Steve Price Torbay Syracusan 26 321
2nd Richard Walker Alumwell Pyrrhic 25 279
3rd Stephen Tanner SELWG Warring States Chinese 22 273
4th Don McHugh Game Bunker Early Successors 23 252
5th Tim Porter CLWC Alexander the Great 24 246
6th Max Irving SELWG Ptolemaic 21 239
7th Anthony Rodwell SELWG Pyrrhic 24 235
8th Harry Williams   Carthaginian 28 224
9th Mark Gilby CLWC Early Arab 28 186
10th Colin Evans Gloucester Mithridatic 24 182
11th William Morris Game Bunker Dacian and Carpi 28 154
12th Philip Mackie DDWG Republican Roman 22 154
13th Jason Scott Bristol Triumvirate Roman 22 140
14th Dave Allen Game Bunker Alexandrian Macedonian 24 137